Cesar Dog Food Recall

Small pieces of plastic are the culprit causing a voluntary recall of Cesar Filet Mignon Flavor wet dog food. There is a choking risk hazard and here is a full list of the product numbers being recalled, found on the individual packaging:

  •  632D14JC
  •  633B24JC
  •  634A14JC
  •  634A24JC
  •  634B14JC
  •  634B24JC
  •  634E14JC
  •  635A24JC
  •  635B14JC
  •  636D24JC
  •  636E14JC

There have been several consumers reporting plastic pieces being found, but thankfully to date Mars Petcare has not reported any injury or illnesses associated with the compromised product.

To contact the Company you can call 800-421- 6456

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